Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know a little more about how we work?

Below you will find an array of common questions about Mobile Marketing and our platform. If you have any questions that you cannot find here, get in touch with us and we will happily answer your questions.


Do I get everything you have to offer?

Absolutely, and as we expand our platform you will continue to get free updates from us to enhance your mobile marketing strategy.

Do you add text to my message?

Nope, we do not intrude in your marketing at all. Your account is completely clean of any advertising or branding from us, you are free to do as you wish.

Whats the difference between a List and a View?

This is a common one, a List is a simple list of user data, for example you may import all of your contacts from Store A and put them in a list called 'List A'. A View is a sub-set of this list (or multiple lists combined) filtered down by more specific data such as customers aged between 20 and 30, you could then save this as a View called 'Young Customers'. This allows you to target a specific audience without losing the original data.

How do I pay for messages?

Once logged in to your account you can easily buy one of our pre-defined packs of credits. Each credit is equal to 1 SMS.

What if I need a specific amount of credit?

You can contact us if you wish to purchase a specific amount of credits, but we only do this under special circumstances.

Is there a minimum spend?

Our minimum spend is our tiny 100 Messages package costing just £3.50, we believe this is cheap enough to get anyone started with their Mobile Marketing plans.

Do my credits expire?

No way! It is your money, and it will always be available in your account. We will never give you a time limit to spend your own money like many other services do.

Are there any hidden charges?

None at all. Our pricing is completely transparent, you get what you pay for and we wont charge you for anything thats not already detailed in our prices page.

Do I pay for failed messages?

All messages you send through SMSTopia are chargeable, even if the number is incorrect or unavailable. You can save money by using our Data Cleaning feature in your account to clean up invalid numbers.

How do I check if messages have been sent?

Every broadcast you send will generate a report, highlighting failed messages so you can clean them up. If you use our free unsubscribe service, it will also show who unsubscribed. For single sends - for example order notifications - you can view a running log of these in your account history.

How many numbers can I send too?

As many as you can imagine. We do not restrict you on the usage of our platform.

Can people reply to my messages?

Yes, using Keywords your customers can reply to any message you send. Everyone gets 1 free Keyword and you can purchase as many more as you like.

How long does it take to set up my account?

Your account is created instantly. But any large scale broadcasts within your first month will need to be manually approved - this is to ensure we keep our platform free from spammers so that everyone else can enjoy a great service.

Can I schedule campaigns in advance?

You can schedule SMS campaigns up to a year in advance and even set up recurring campaigns as long your credits are in place at the time of sending.

How much does all this cost?

Whats the cost?

All of our platform features are included for free in each and every account. Even if you only send 100 messages a month, you get the same optimisation, reporting and performance as those sending millions.

Find out how little it will cost you to use our platform, and get started today!

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