Mobile Marketing Features

Our platform is the most complete and advanced mobile marketing platform out there

Mobile Marketing is a very untouched area, and because of this many platforms out there are very simple, have little statistical data and are generally a bit dated. We have built upon Mobile Marketing in such a manner that our platform is a full marketing platform, you will see all you want to know and more about your campaigns, responses and interactions.

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Platform Core Features

Mobile Marketing PlatformMobile Marketing Platform

As a mobile marketing platform we have designed a service that is fully customisable to your needs, whether you're reaching thousands or a targeted few, our platform can deliver your message

E-Commerce IntegratedE-Commerce Integrated

Your SMS campaign can be fully integrated from your existing E-Commerce site allowing you direct marketing from your systems. Be this order notifications, discount codes, or purely for customer retention

Targeted MarketingTargeted Marketing

A targeted SMS campaign can filter data from your existing phonebook to only send to a selected audience. You can tailor this as you like, adding any customer data you require

OptimisedOptimised Sending

Our platform lets you manage your contacts and campaigns in such a way that you're Mobile Marketing will be as optimised as possible. Track interactions with links in your messages, and send messages to customers at the ideal time

Best PricesBest Prices

We will beat or match any prices from similar competitors without question. We want our customers to be happy with our prices, and believe our premium platform should not come at a premium price

Developer APIDeveloper API

Every user gets access to our developer API, we encourage developers to integrate our platform into others systems

Credits never expireCredits Never Expire

Your purchased credits will never expire. If you need a custom credit package, please contact us

Cloud BasedCloud Based

We run our system from a private cloud network, to ensure our platform never goes down and is always available

Easily IntegratedEasily Integrated

All of our system functionality can be easily integrated into your own systems or websites

Marketing Management

Data CleaningData Cleaning

One-Click cleanup of your data, get rid of those dead or invalid numbers to save yourself money sending messages to them

SMS ChatSMS Chat

Chat to your customers via SMS using our chat interface

Delivery ReportsDelivery Reports

The use of delivery reports can be used to keep your phonebook and customer data up to date. As you pay for messages sent we are keen to help you monitor this and keep your campaign costs to a minimum

File UploadingFile Uploading

Upload a file to your account and include the link to this file in your SMS messages


Free unsubscribe feature keep customers happy, and to keep your costs down - why send to people who are not interested?

Import/Export DataImport/Export Contacts

Easy methods of importing and exporting customer data, inclusive of custom fields for targeting

Sending/Receiving Messages


Create customers Lists, Views (filtered down versions of Lists), monitoring of campaigns and reports


Create templates for quick sending, for example birthday messages or discount code messages

Scheduled SendingScheduled Sending

Send recurring messages or send a campaign at a set time

URL ShorteningURL Shortening

We will shorten urls in your SMS messages so you can fit more text in to them

Premium UK RoutesPremium UK Routes

All messages sent via UK networks to ensure fast, reliable delivery


There is no limit to your SMS personalisation as any data from your phone book can be incorporated into your SMS campaign creating a personal impact on your recipients

Email to SMSEmail to SMS

BCC emails to your account and we will scan the email for a mobile number and send the message you specify, or send an SMS directly from your email account


Send multiple step surveys to your customers and store their responses for later data analysis

Advanced Bulk SendingAdvanced Bulk Sending

Send to Lists, Views, or custom filters of users, for example all numbers added to your account in the last month

How much does all this cost?

Whats the cost?

All of our platform features are included for free in each and every account. Even if you only send 100 messages a month, you get the same optimisation, reporting and performance as those sending millions.

Find out how little it will cost you to use our platform, and get started today!

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